Wellness & Garden - Villa Groff

Relax area, sauna & garden with outdoor pool at Villa Groff – Ora

Our Well-Being Paradise

The garden at the Villa Groff with its palm trees and Mediterranean plants is not just a magical retreat. It is also an enchanting bathing area and a small wellness paradise.
You will be amazed!

Relaxing in the garden Enjoying the garden on holiday - Villa Groff Relax in the garden Green Paradise - Garden Villa Groff Design and Garden - Villa Groff Table decoration - Garden

A green paradise: The garden

A place that guarantees peace, that ensures relaxation, that offers somewhere to retreat: You will find all of this in the garden, in the middle of which the Hotel Villa Groff is located. Anyone who takes a walk here soon notices: There are countless enchanting spots here where you can escape from the speed and stress of everyday life.

Sweating - Villa Groff Sweating in the sphere Spherical designer sauna - Villa Groff

Sweating in the sphere: our sauna

Our spherical designer sauna is also in the garden. After a pleasant, soothing and healthy sweat in the sauna, you can relax in the shade of trees and palms and sip a sparkling aperitivo.

Pool - Villa Groff

Just dive in: the pool

If shade and drinks aren’t enough to cool you down, we recommend diving into our pool. Also ideal for a wake up swim before breakfast.

Wellness Garden - Whirlpool

Bubbling in the garden: the whirlpools

Somewhat hidden between the flowers and bushes in the garden are our two whirlpools, waiting to provide you some deep relaxation. By the way: The bollicine (bubbles) from the whirlpools combine beautifully with the bollicine in a champagne flute. A winning combination.