Host and Villa Groff

Historic art nouveau villa in Ora, near Bolzano – Villa Groff

A welcoming house with a history

Hotel Villa Groff is an oasis in the nature. The historic Art Nouveau villa near Bolzano in South Tyrol, whose name is derived from an old noble family, welcomes you today with its friendly, open and at the same time elegant atmosphere. The perfect combination of comfort and sophistication.

Host - Graiff family

Graiff family

Ingrid Graiff and her two sons Kevin and Marvin are hosts with heart and soul. They will warmly welcome you at reception and accompany you, so to speak, through the entire holiday. Whether in service, at breakfast, in the garden or in the rooms, they and their team always pursue one goal: to ensure their guests feel at home.

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The villa has its origins back in 1900, when it was built as a private residence by the old noble family Groff. After great-grandfather Daniel Graiff acquired the property, he then passed it on a few decades later to his son Alois and his wife Zita Graiff, who from then on ran it as a bed and breakfast. Their daughter Ingrid later expanded the villa into a full-fledged hotel.

Today Ingrid runs the hotel together with her sons Kevin and Marvin.
Villa Groff has been in our family for well over half a century. We have always welcomed guests with joy and passion to offer them an unforgettable stay in the southern region of South Tyrol.

Villa Groff - Art Nouveau Villa - Art Nouveau Statue im Garten

Art Nouveau

Villa Groff, built at the turn of the previous century, is actually not a unique construction. Sounds strange? But it is true! The construction plans were realised for three uniform buildings. One of our triplet houses (which was called Villa Carla) was even in our neighbourhood until a few years ago. Unfortunately, it is no longer clear today exactly where the third house was built.