Lake Caldaro

Lake Caldaro is a mirror of emerald waters, just a few kilometers from Ora, where Hotel Volla Groff is sited. It is located at the foot of the hill on which the namesake town stands – an unmissable stop-over for those venturing along the Wine Route in South Tyrol. It is particularly popular in summer, when tourists and locals animate its shores in search of a remedy to the heat. The lake’s waters are indeed very clean and they are a natural alternative to the numerous pools of the area. Our guests can buy tickets for the “Gretl am See” Lido at a special price at the reception.

In spring and autumn, instead, Lake Caldaro is ideal for all sailing sports. Due to its location at the mouth of a small and narrow valley, the lake area is always well ventilated, and this circumstance allows for the use of different classes of sailing boats. The beauty of Lake Caldaro, however, is not limited to bathing and sailing. The entire area surrounding the lake is awesome and worth visiting. If you love the flavors and aromas of wine, for instance, you can visit the numerous wine cellars of the area. On the hills encircling the lake, vines have been cultivated for centuries and, thanks to the special microclimate, some of the most popular vineyards of South Tyrol grow here.

If you prefer to explore the cultural sights, then you should know that in the villages scattered along the Wine Route, you can find some small hidden gems that will tell you the history of our Province. All just a few kilometers away from Hotel Villa Groff.

Water fun

Near Villa Groff, there are four magnificent large outdoor pools with slides, trampolines and all the rest – in Ora, Egna, Salorno, and Termeno. The lido of Ora is equipped with a pool for swimmers and a children’s pool, a water slide, a large lawn, a beach valley court, a chess board, and a self-service restaurant.

The lido of Egna has four swimming pools (one large pool and one children’s pool), two trampolines, one 30-meter water slide, a large lawn (partially shaded by trees), a fenced soccer field (40×20 m), a beach volley court with real sand, a children’s playground, a self-service restaurant, and a large car park.

In the lido of Salorno, there are four swimming pools: a pool for children with a water slide, a pool with two trampolines, a pool for swimmers, a pool with a water slide, and finally a large lawn where you can relax until sunset, and a restaurant.

The Sports and Advetures lido of Termeno offers a whirlpool, waterfalls, walls for climbing, underwater massages, currents and water jets, water slides for children, a pool for beginners, a diving area, a lawn, a playground, a volleyball court, a beach volleyball court, a restaurant.

Finally, for those who suffer from the heat in the valley, there is always a chance to cool down in the nearby mountain lakes, such as Lake Favogna above Cortaccia, Lake Göllersee in Aldino, or Lake Nero and Lake Bianco in Trodena.