By bike on the roads of South Tyrol

Cycling is one of the most fascinating ways to explore the roads of South Tyrol. We have one of the most extensive networks of bike paths in Italy. Our hotel is one of the best starting points for cycling lovers, but also for those who just want to enjoy a short, but pleasant trip.

Ora, the town where Hotel Villa Groff is situated, is indeed crossed by the main bike path of South Tyrol – the one running from the North to the South, through the entire Adige Valley. Vineyards and orchards wherever the eye glances, shady woods and flowery meadows. Or you can easily reach Lake Caldaro and the Monticolo lakes. Via the bike path, you can get to Verona, by passing through Trento, Rovereto, and by Lake Garda. Or you can head towards Bolzano, Merano and Brennero.

If, instead, you want to test yourself by pedaling in the mountains, you can climb up the Fiemme Valley, along the old railway line. Or cross the Adige Valley to reach The Mendola Pass, by following the Wine Route.

Suggested routes


Explore the Bassa Atesina with Ebike-Dreams
Bike riding without pedaling too much? The new bike rental “Ebike-Dreams” in Egna makes this dream come true. The “Ebike-Dreams” bike rental is a cooperation between the Tourist Union, the Bicycles & Service Mich Roberto, and the municipality of Egna.

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