Hiking in Ora and its surroundings

If you like hiking and walking, the privileged position of Hotel Villa Groff offers many different solutions to satisfy your longing for excursions and walks. The mountains encircling Castelfeder, Ora, Montagna, Egna, and Salorno, are ideal. In spring, the routes of the most southern part of South Tyrol run through the blossoming orchards in the valley; in summer, they lead up to high altitudes where the air is cooler; in autumn, they take us in a journey through apple orchards and vineyards ready for harvest.

Hiking highlights
Mystical: There is a path leading to Castelfeder, a place of magical atmosphere. There are traces of settlements dating back to the Stone Age and Bronze Age. At a later time, the Romans and other peoples settled down on these hills leaving their traces. Along the naturalist trail, you can observe the flora and fauna of the Biotope.

Impressive: “Bletterbach”, the canyon of South Tyrol, is an adventure park, a place of learning, a natural monument, and, since 2009, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Geological treasures and various landscapes illustrate the evolution of the earth and of the human-being, from an unusual point of view. The geological layers date back to 200 and 300 million years ago. The fossils of marine sediments testify when the Dolomites were the cays immersed in the tropical sea.

Untouched nature: Unspoiled nature to be seen, heard, smelled, and touched, in the Monte Corno Nature Park, that extends around our place of vacation. The spring sun awakens the Mediterranean flora of the woods, meadows and ponds. Numerous small huts welcome visitors for a snack of the ancient and genuine taste.

Suggestions for hikes and excursions during your vacation in South Tyrol