Tranquility, discretion and relaxation…
the garden of Hotel Villa Groff

That surrounding Villa Groff is not just a garden, but the entrance to a small, secluded world of tranquility, discretion, and relaxation.

It is enough to cross it, the garden of our hotel, to notice that among its greenery, lots of small reserved corners are hidden, with their unexpected surprises.

It is here that our designer sauna is located, incapsulated in its unique spherical shell. Enjoy its warmth on your skin, and then take the opportunity to savor a drink, freshened by the breeze blowing among the garden trees.

And when the breeze is not enough to cool you down, you can always take a dip in the small pool of the garden.
But if you love relaxation with the capital R, then surrender to the embrace of the whirlpool installed on the roof. You can enjoy the heat and bubbles, while watching the magnificent view of the landscapes of Ora and its surroundings.